Editor, Times-Union:

Truth and justice will come out eventually probably in President Trump’s second term. The $150 billion Obama sent to Iran paid for terrorism. Nothing more.

Fact or fiction will determine what Americans decide. Facts are on the Republicans’ side and fiction, lies, ect. is all on the Democrats’. It’s all they have. It’s their battle cry and the fact Democrats in Congress would side with a terrorist nation (Iran) over killing the number one terrorist Soleimonni that had enough blood on his hands to open blood banks is just crazy.

Really, Democrats in Congress hate President Trump more than they love this country. Democrats have lowered the car to an all-time low. So low in fact, well, let’s just say you can’t go any lower! President Trump has had to endure enormous backlash, propaganda and out right hate for no reason. If you were going to hate a president, the perfect one would have been Obama. Impeachment or not, send the Articles over to the Senate or not.

Corruption 101 is all Congress has going for them. Congress is better at propaganda than they are at legislation. My hope is all the bleeding-heart socialists and far-left Democrats, one in the same, would go to Iran to pay their respect. I’m sure it would be the last time we ever saw any of them. Political is a dirty word used if it was an excuse to say whatever you want to. It’s a four-letter word with a few more letters from the alphabet.

And last but not least, Speaker Pelosi “the wicket witch of the west” is only good at witch hunts. Nothing else. She and Schummer want to change rules concerning the War Powers Act, just like Biden did in Congress and as VP, Biden changed his opinion whenever it suited the situation at the time. I hope Sleepy Joe changed his underwear as often as he changed his mind. He is on tape showing how he contradicted himself on a daily basis and he still can tell the truth. Truth and justice will soon come forward most likely in President Trump’s second term and the Republicans take back the House and retain the Senate.

Rick Ellis