Editor, Times-Union:

I called the Washington office number for Nancy Pelosi on January 8 and left a message. I mentioned that if she supported the treaty with Ukraine, which required the government to investigate corruption, then impeaching Trump for obeying the law, which required him to have the Ukraine government investigate corruption, made no sense. I suggested that maybe the Congress should use the Obama standard to determine if the President should be impeached. If Obama wasn't impeached for what he did, then Trump shouldn't be impeached since he did far worst things than Trump has done.

One of the impeachable offenses Obama did was treason when he gave Iran over $400 million, which was used for terrorism against Americans and others in the region.  Trump pulled out of the Iran scheme, which was going to allow Iran to have nuclear weapons within a decade, according to the treaty mandates. If Obama has American blood on his hands, yet he wasn't impeached, why was Trump impeached for depriving Iran of money that could be spent to kill Americans?   

Obama's actions and inactions in North Africa and the Middle East made the area more dangerous. The Democrats were outraged that Trump ordered the killing of General Soleimani and worried that we would go to war with Iran directly. Yet they praised Obama for allowing Momar Khedafi to be killed by his people which destabilized his country and eventually led to the deaths in Benghazi. Pelosi wanted to add the killing of Soleimani to the charges against Trump. Also, Obama said he liked killing terrorists with drone strikes like the one that killed Soleimani. But the Democrats were relatively silent about Obama's murderous track record.  

Obama often had contempt for Congress when they wanted information during various investigations. One woman who was investigating Fast and Furious, which suppiled weapons to Mexican drug criminals, had sensitive information planted by the government on her computer to try and make her look like a criminal. Obama had the IRS not grant tax exemption to groups that wanted to raise money to oppose Obama for fear he might lose in 2012. I thought Democrats opposed suppressing freedom of speach. But I guess as long as the speech of conservatives was suppressed, it was no big deal. Nothing worth impeaching Obama for.  

Democrats are proud to say they oppose what Trump supports. That would mean they oppose a great economy that helps the poor and middle class more than the upper class. They want a weak military and vulnerable America.  They support the enemies of Israel since Trump is an ardent supporter of Israel. They support the Deep State which goes after millions of Americans since Trump wants to investigate it. If Trump has helped us more than Obama did, yet Obama wasn't impeached, Trump should win in a landslide in November to redeem himself.

Rick Badman

Warsaw, via email