Editor, Times-Union:

  Today's history is yesterday's current events minus a lot of the opinions that tried to corrupt the facts. If CNN and other media outlets had been around from the beginning of this nation, would they have condemned our presidents like they are condemning President Trump? Many of the newspapers that were around when history was being made got a lot of things wrong. Would CNN have been one of the promoters of "fake news?"

Many people wanted Washington to send troops to France during the French Revolution to support the ones that were overthrowing the monarchy. Washington was given the keys to the Bastille. I've seen them at the Masonic Washington Monument. He wisely chose not to send soldiers to France. But would CNN have accused him of turning his back on freedom-loving Frenchmen that supported our fight for freedom from England?  

While Lincoln was president, the British considered him little more than an ape that wasn't fit to be president. He also went against the Constitutional rights of many people and had a lot of inept generals commanding our soldiers.  With all the losses we suffered early on, would CNN have demanded his impeachment and removal before he destroyed the nation?  

Teddy Roosevelt was an outsider that the New York Police Department and Tammany Hall resented for his desire to reform the government of New York City.  When he became vice president, powerbrokers in New York were relieved because they thought he wouldn't bother them again. Would CNN have sided with them and condemned Teddy for being a cowboy who was too radical to be president?

 When the holocaust was exterminating millions of Jews, the New York Times, the newspaper of record, didn't report on the carnage. Maybe they didn't think it was anyone's business what the Nazis were doing to their people.  FDR did virtually nothing to end the murders until late in the war.  Would CNN have supported his inaction as wise restraint?  And when he had Japanese-Americans put into internment camps, would they have thought he was justified to prevent possible sabotage?  

 Would CNN have supported the segregationist Southern Democrats that condemned blacks to second- and third-class citizenship? Would it have condemned Jasper Johns for being too radical for supporting civil rights. He was dismissed from his church in Atlanta for that reason and replaced by someone less radical named Martin Luther King Jr.

In 100 years, will CNN still exist? Will President Trump be considered the right man as president at the right time?  Will the Space Force open the Kuyper Belt to mining and manufacturing that will produce a national surplus for centuries? Will the media admit it was wrong about Trump if they are shown to be wrong? Will the criminality that was rampant while Clinton and Obama were president be exposed? History will record the true record in spite of CNN.

Rick Badman


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