Editor, Times-Union:

This last week it was popular for Democrats to blame President Trump and Attorney General Barr for a constitutional crisis. But they are the ones to blame for that and more evils.

I sometimes wished that Barr, when asked by Congressman Nadler to give him an unredacted copy of the Moeller report had asked him, "If you want me to violate federal law and go to prison, would it be fine to be considered an accomplice and end up in the prison cell next to me?"   

The media reminds me more of propagandists than news reporters. Nazi Germany had show trials against opponents that didn't tow the Nazi line. We have something similar to that constantly in the media and Congress. For too long the media reported the lie about Russian collusion that when the Mueller report indicated that it was wrong, it was still unwilling to admit it was wrong.  

Congress wanted to have a show trial against Barr by having its staffers and lawyers question him about the Mueller report and obstruction of justice which didn't happen. Maybe Barr is the one who should have been eating the chicken in public since it looks like Congress is full of chickens. He wants to investigate the wrongdoings by the Justice Department, FBI, Obama, and Hillary. They should fear that like a chicken fears KFC. He may give people more reasons to think Hillary actually was crooked and should have been locked up.

The Democrats and socialists in the government oppose portions of the Constitution and are supporting a Constitutional crisis. The preamble of the Constitution says the people want the common defense of the nation and for the blessings of liberty to be secured. When Democrats seem to support the destruction of America by allowing invaders to enter our nation and allow free speech to be suppressed and conservative groups and Christians to be persecuted, they actively oppose the Constitution. When people attack and shame people who oppose abortion like this nation opposed the Holocaust which was also exterminating lives like abortion does, the Democrats seem like Nazis. Their goals of killing innocent lives, controlling the media, and controlling the lives of Americans are similar to the goals of the Nazis. And if Democrats get their way and impose a single-payer health care system that will kill multitudes when the government decides who should live or die when the system runs out of money, Americans might not be able to protest the government if it takes their weapons away like other authoritarian governments have done.

In 2020 the voters will still be able to keep the insane that support the Left from taking control of the nation thanks to the electoral college which should allow patriotic Americans that love freedom to stop the goals of the Democrats. If we are one generation from becoming a totalitarian nation, I hope that generation is a distant threat. But not if Democrats get their way.

Rick Badman

Warsaw, via email