Editor, Times-Union:

I have come to loath election season because it seems like there is no escaping all of its signs, like elected officials racing to get things done and passed through their committees. Then there is the rhetoric that we all have to put up with from candidates claiming they are going to save us and the planet in their next term.

However, the other option is no elections at all, or ones that the people don't get a real say in, and the same officials run the government until they decide they have had enough like those dictators in Russia and China. I believe that a change of leadership is good for everyone from time to time.

Here in America we have a limit on how long our president can lead us and locally the sheriff has to step down after two four-year terms. That really makes sense to me because a new set of eyes and ideas is good for our communities. It helps us to grow as a nation and local community by electing a new competent leader with a slightly different perspective. Wouldn't it  be a boring world if nothing ever evolved and things stayed the same?

For far too long our city has spent our tax dollars on bike lanes on one street while a large portion of our city sidewalks are decaying or nonexistent. Look at Center Street above Parker Street going east or right in front of our main hospital also leading to a walking park. I saw a man in a wheelchair in the middle of the road because there was nowhere for him to travel.

Here in Warsaw we have an opportunity to be led by a new man and a mostly familiar city council into the next four years. With their hard work we can grow our town for everyone and not just the neighborhoods with the nicest houses and the people in highest tax brackets. I am supporting Ron Shoemaker for mayor of Warsaw, Indiana. I believe he is a man that will rebuild the old neighborhoods that the current mayor has forgotten and be a fair mayor for everyone.

Michael R. Alspaugh

Warsaw, via email