Editor, Times-Union:

I like the new method of the timing of the receiving of my paper from Warsaw Times-Union with my mail.  I now get  the paper much earlier.

There are some "howevers" that have been more and more noticeable to me.

Those are the print seems smaller and smaller; also is fainter and fainter.

I thought my eyes were failing me, but the optometrist says I'm 20-25. I do wear tri-focals for distance.

Could it be that slowly but surely these problems have been initiated into my trusty reading material that I have enjoyed for so many decades?

Could the problems be addressed or changed?

Lila O'Connell

Pierceton, via email

Note: The type size and the method of printing have not changed. We did get some different newsprint, but that seemed a little whiter to me, which would make the print stand out a little better. Thank you for writing. Gary Gerard, General Manager.