Editor, Times-Union:

At the recent North Manchester school board meeting, concerned parents, grandparents and citizens were told by the psychiatric experts that “sex” is NOT “gender.” Then, we were told by the legal experts that “sex” IS “gender” and that Title IX (which deals only, and specifically, with discrimination “on the basis of sex”) means that “sex” is “gender” and that males identifying as females can use the opposite bathroom and shower facilities of their biological sex, that even at an after-school activity this can happen with older males.

Do we not see the inherent danger of misuse by sexual predators, pedophiles and bullies? Does anyone honestly think that when Title IX was written in 1972 that they had in mind bathroom and shower use by the opposite sex?

Then we were told that this “policy” is actually not a policy, and that nothing has been written or voted on or approved by the board, or the public, yet is in use. This is the kind of craziness we are dealing with.

On the other hand, we were NOT told that many experts, including the team of legal experts at the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), an “international legal alliance that advocates for the privacy, dignity and safety of all students,” states: (1) No federal law requires school districts to grant students access to facilities dedicated to the opposite sex, (2) Granting students access to opposite-sex changing areas could subject schools to legal liability for violating students’ and/or parents’ rights, and (3) Schools have broad discretion to regulate the use of school showers, locker rooms, restrooms and overnight accommodations.” They sight numerous legal cases to support this (see adflegal.org).

Title IX is law; opposite sex facility use is not. According to ADF and others, “there is no federal law requiring schools to treat sex as irrelevant to the restroom, shower or locker room that students may access.”

Likewise, we were NOT told of the problems of an “open-door” bathroom/locker room policy - or that many physicians and therapists have expressed grave concerns about gender dysphoria and therapy, and have stated that gender ideology harms children. The American College of Pediatrics asserts, “This new paradigm is rooted in the assumption that gender dysphoria is innate, but a review of the current literature suggests that this claim is founded upon an unscientific gender ideology and lacks an evidence base.” They give numerous resources to clarify this matter. (See acpeds.org)

Lastly, The Expert above all experts has weighed in. He has told us that from the beginning He “created humans in his image. In the image of God he created them. He created them male and female.” (Genesis 1:27) Period. For the record, Adam and Eve - not Adam and Eve-who-identified-as-Steve. God knows what He is doing.

My appeal is that we stop these verbal gymnastics and this political correctness madness and have some common sense and protect the welfare and safety of all of our young people. No one “hates” anyone; we just want to protect young boys, girls and women from misuse and abuse of this practice, as has already happened elsewhere. No bathroom or locker room use by the opposite sex (or gender!).

Which expert will we listen to?

Timothy Morbitzer

North Manchester, via email