Editor, Times-Union:

As I wrote this letter, it is early on the 20th of December.

On Nov. 16, I had to call for an ambulance to come help my wife. She is physically very heavy and diabetic. She was trying to get dressed, but suddenly seemed drained of energy, began leaning to her left. This was caused by one diabetic medicine of hers.

I tried to hold her upright, but she slipped off the bed onto the floor.

I dialed 911, asked for an ambulance and two ambulances showed up. They, in turn, called for a local fhe company to come help out and got her onto an ambulance-ready chair. They rushed her to our nearest hospital downtown, where she spent 12 days.

Then the doctors had her sent to a “nursing home” just up the street for a few weeks of physical therapy.

She is still there at this time.

A few weeks ago, I had a check-up with our latest doctor, but I noticed he did not order a blood or urine sample. This morning (Dec. 20), I woke up at 1 a.m. with an incredibly painful cramp in my right leg. I managed to get to the bathroom OK, but was a bit disturbed to find my urine flow “pinkish” or “reddish.”

I drank some ginger ale and an hour later, hit the bathroom again. Still red urine!

My wife has been through enough over the last 25-plus years, including the loss of her mother in 2012.

I ask for prayers for both of us. We have spent a lifetime being used and abused by various people and have endured so much in the 25 years we have been married.

I have also not seen my own son in nearly 20 years, and that truly hurts. I do love my son, but due to my wife’s health and the numerous hospital stays between her and her mother, have never been able to get back to Indiana to visit my family.

This is my third marriage since 1977 and she is the only one of my three wives who never cheated on me! She means everything to me, and I want to continue to be here to take care of her.

She is the sweetest person I?have ever met, but a strong-willed person, too. Please pray for the mercy of God to pour down upon us, in Jesus’ name.

Thank you.

William Gerald Smith

Lancaster, Pa.