Editor, Times-Union:
It’s hard to believe all the crap going on in the swamp these days. Anti-American, anti-Trump, pro-Iranian government, the Democrats in D.C. actually side with a terrorist nation instead of with the present administration? The Iran government killed approximately 1,500 Iranian citizens a few months ago and where was the outrage like in Tiananmen Square. Thousands killed, even more wounded! What does all this tell you about Congress run by single-minded Democrats with no respect for anyone unless you speak out of the side of your mouth just like the left Democrats.
November 2020. I hope Americans that aren’t onboard supporting Trump will see through all the BS from the anti-Trump collusion delusion! The American people just want fair representation and for lawmaker pass legislation to help our president. That’s pretty much been on a solo mission to help our country recover from eight years of failed leadership if you can call it that from the Obama administration.
And in closing the only good things that’s happening now is seeing Democrats turning on each other to bash each other only to lose against Trump in November. Hopefully, people can see them for who they really are. Hateful, bias, hypocritical, anti-American and so much more! Disgusting isn’t it!
Rick Ellis