Editor, Times-Union:

With COVID-19 disrupting our lives, there is plenty of blame to go around. People had wrong priorities, but even today don't want to admit it.

Pelosi said President Trump acted too slow to do anything to stop the virus from spreading as it has. Yet Obama wasted months when he finally admitted the swine flu was a horrible problem and Pelosi didn't complain that he was too slow. I guess to Pelosi, it was more important to impeach Trump than try and save lives because while she and the Democrats were doing a meaningless trial, he was trying to get people to respond to the virus. He had a travel ban with China that the Democrats complained about even though it might have saved thousands of lives. If the Democrat priorities had been honored, there is no telling how many more thousands would die.  

Maybe the Republicans in California should run someone against Pelosi and have commercials with the loved ones of those who died because Pelosi thought impeachment was more important than the lives of Californians. Her delay cost lives that Trump might have spared if he had been allowed to act decisively when he wanted to in January.  

The so-called stimulus, if Pelosi had her way, would have been loaded up with progressive priorities that would have done nothing to solve our economic problems we face.  They would have created more.  Instead, we have a debt that grew from huge to monstrous within a week. The priorities of Democrats seems to be to control the lives of as many Americans as possible. But when  their children have to pay the bill that will be due, they will want to curse both the Democrats and Republicans for inflicting them with an unpayable debt. It is ironic that we might have enough mineral wealth below our feet that could pay off trillions of dollars of the debt the government owes, but the priorities of environmentalists and leftists like Bernie Sanders is to keep the wealth locked up. We have strategic minerals that are vital for our electronics. But the EPA have made them off limits and we need to get them from China. Gold mines are shut down and what could be a multi-trillion dollar mountain of gold in Alaska that started the Klondike gold rush is out of reach. My plasma drilling moles might allow us to get to the gold, silver, strategic metals and precious gems no matter how deep down they are. But I doubt they will be allowed to be built for fear they will allow the government to cut taxes that are needed less in the future.  

Our priorities should be to make America greater and the citizens better. I wish politicians wanted that, too.  

Rick Badman

Warsaw, via email