Editor, Times-Union:

Democrats aren't satisfied with facts unless they are their facts whether they're true or not.  They have been calling Trump all sorts of things which he isn't.  But they seem to think if they beat the public over the head with their rhetoric and empty arguments, they will make them believe what they believe. 

Being a racist, by definition, means you think your race is superior to other races and you show bias toward your race.  Donald Trump has helped millions of blacks around the nation by making the economy stronger, which means more blacks are being hired.  Enterprise zones in black neighborhoods are being established. Black prisoners are being released thanks to what he has done in prison reform.  Doesn't sound like something a racist would do. 

What about Obama?  He showed a bias against whites so often and divided this nation on racial lines.  He opposed blacks going to better schools thanks to vouchers which Trump supports.  He allowed more blacks to become poor.  It sounds like Obama is a schizophrenic racist.  He has sided with blacks more than with whites at times yet has not allowed many blacks to better themselves.

I've heard Democrats say Trump is a sexual predator, which hasn't been proven.  Yet they like Bill Clinton who is a proven sexual predator.  He is probably grateful Epstein is dead or else he might have been called to testify in a court trial, which would have exposed him as an underage sexual predator.  With the mob being so easy to sway one way or another, Democrats are probably grateful too that their "champion" won't be forced to confess his sexual sins and turn the mob against him. 

Democrats say Trump is lawless.  Really?  What laws has he broken?  If they can't prove he broke any laws, they'll still try to impeach him.  Reminds me of the Oxbow Incident in which a lynch mob hanged an innocent man because the people were convinced he was guilty.  Jerry Nadler and other Democrats are supplying the rope to hang the president, but not the proof that Trump is guilty of anything. 

I sometimes think the media would be more at home in Nazi Germany supporting lies against their enemies than in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Trump is not endangering democracy.  He is trying to have us follow laws that Democrats once supported.  He is trying to wake up our businesses that were led to believe we had to do what the Chinese wanted us to do with tariffs against Chinese products to drive companies back to America. 

It's 80 years too late for the Germans to turn against Hitler and the Nazis that destroyed their nation.  But it's not too late to turn against the Democrat lynch mob organizers and save America from destruction.

Rick Badman

Warsaw, via