Two were thrown in the dust of the American stage on Sept. 27. People gathered with stones in their hands, ready to support their side and destroy the other.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Susan Blasey Ford were laid bare before the world, alone to defend themselves — the hurt and pain visible in their eyes, their families and friends devastated.

I wonder what Jesus would have done if He walked into the room? I think He would stoop down and begin writing in the grime that floated down from the stink of indignation and accusation.

Maybe he would write over 60 million babies killed since 1973? How about women and children treated like meat, only objects for a sex-crazed pornographic society? How about the injustice of false witness against your neighbor? How about the lust for power and money instead of servant hearts? These are just a few of the sins of America.

One thing I do know:?My Lord Jesus would go to Kavanaugh and Ford sprawled on the floor of this arena and help them get up. He would tell them how much He loved them and to move on in His grace. He would look around at the crowd and viewers from afar looking and listening for falling stones.  

It’s time for everyone to drop our rocks and humble ourselves before the mighty hand and holiness of the Creator. America's only hope is a moral people who stand for truth, rule of law and care for the downtrodden.

God be merciful to me and my fellow Americans. Our sin is a stench in His nostrils.

May we appeal to heaven, asking God to show us the way in humility before judgment comes. Let us pray for another great awakening in these United States!

Ken Locke is community ministries director of The Salvation Army in Warsaw and director of the Greater Warsaw Ministerial Association.

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