Editor, Times-Union:

I am a land surveyor. I started by assisting a land surveyor in 1975 in Kosciusko County. That surveyor pointed out to me where Captain James lived on the South side of James Lake (Little Tippy). Using the county GIS map (not confirming with a visual observation today) I have estimated the latitude and longitude of the site.

A book written by Ely Lilly in 1965, "Early Wawasee Days," describes on page 9 and 10 where Chief Papakeechie is buried. Sometime in the early 1980s, I believe I helped survey part of the farm where the chief lived. I found old brick in the farm field that was part of the house where he lived. Based on my interpretation of Mr. Lilly's book and using the county’s GIS map I believe the chief and some of his tribe were buried near the house site. I have also estimated the latitude and longitude of this site.

While trapping for muskrat along the bank of the Grassy Creek ditch in the ’70s, I noticed an old family cemetery along the west bank just to the north of CR 500N. There were maybe six or so laid over white marble headstones that I think I saw the name "Leclightner" written on one or two of them. I am thinking the restoration/preservation of this cemetery (if possible) could be a good way for a Boy Scout to become an Eagle Scout. I will also give the estimated latitude and longitude of this site.

I am old now. I figured I should share the above locations with others while I can. Note: All three locations are on private property so don't go there and bother the property owners. It would be great to see the Grassy Creek cemetery restored though and maybe a sign or something noting where the chief and tribes people are buried (looks like a hill in a farm field overlooking a wetland area).

Chief Papakeechie's burial site estimated Latitude is 41-22-33, the longitude is 85-38-59.

The Grassy Creek estimated burial site latitude is 41-18-29 and the longitude is 85-44-11.

The small hill top that was shown to me where Capt. James lived estimated latitude is 41-18-30 and the longitude is 85-43-40.

Bill Rensberger

Chesterton, via email