Editor, Times-Union:

China halted MFG around the country and from outerspace GPS satellite views show major reduction of green house gases. Where are all the Democrats at on this since they are calling for just that. Anywhere from tainted lead toys to food, drugs, everything that comes from China is pretty much junk! Limit what you buy from other countries.

Buy American. It works for all, including veterans, homeless, low-income and the list goes on. Our country is doing very well in spite of the last administration.

Obama hold overs that want to cause chaos and confusion. What happened to treason that Jim Brennan called the president on? Now it looks like Brennan is guilty of those very charges. What kind of example does it send when officials in various State Department agencies that don’t have Americans or our government in high regard? Not everybody in government has our country in the best interest, sad but true, so get involved. Beware of people that put our country down.

Rick Ellis