Editor, Times-Union:

We have begun a new year which means that the Indiana General Assembly will be beginning a new session. Over the next several weeks, lawmakers will decide on what new laws will be passed in the State of Indiana that will effect Hoosiers in different ways. For all of the mess that Indianapolis likes to provide for the people, I am glad that Curt Nisly is down there representing the interests of Hoosiers in the 22nd District.

Curt Nisly has been at the forefront to end abortion in Indiana with his Protection at Conception Act. He has been defending our Second Amendment Rights by trying to bring Constitutional Carry. He has stood up for increasing education control by opposing making the state superintendent an appointed position. And he has constantly supported attempts to lessen the government burden in our lives. If there is anyone that I would want on my team defending my rights and defending my interests, it is Curt Nisly.

Many of the other representatives throughout Indiana are content with being told how to vote by the leadership and telling their constituents that “you take what you’re given.” Leadership needs to understand that we elect representatives, to Indianapolis, not spokesmen from Indianapolis. The 22nd District has a team player in Indianapolis, and that is Curt Nisly. He is on our team, not theirs.

Gary D. Eppenbaugh

Warsaw, via email