Editor, Times-Union:

Putin is not a maniacal idiot like the leader of North Korea, who sets off bombs like some kid playing with firecrackers. Putin is very articulate and intelligent.

The Democrats who malign Trump are truly stupid. They don’t understand the intellect behind it, nor do they want to. It’s just another attempt to vilify Trump in every way to justify their claims that they lost the election because of Russian interference.

Putin is amused at their claims. I wonder how you say “sour grapes” in Russian.

Russia played a crucial role in winning World War II. So there is hope that a meeting of the minds will prevail favorably for both players.

These dissenters are engaging in what could be described as a cabal. It seems to be a contest of who can be the nastiest. What a goal to have, not to mention sick and perverted, and another example of how stupid they are.

So if their goal is to take over the country, they had better bring their lunch because it’s going to take them quite a while.

Donna Trowbridge