Editor, Times-Union:

I sometimes think the biggest babies in the world work in the Capitol building. Democrats are a bunch of crybabies that pitch hissy fits if they don't get their way. They were praising Mueller when he was chosen to investigate Russian collusion and knew that he would find enough dirt to bury Trump. But when he didn't, they threatened to force him to testify before Congress to tell them why he didn't find out what they were so sure he would discover. Maybe they think Trump threatened him or bribed him to discover nothing. They already condemn Attorney General Barr for working for the president and not the nation. I'm shocked they don't throw their baby rattles at him  

The Democrats and their cohorts in the media still think Trump had to do something illegal and they will find out what it was. They want to think he obstructed justice because he wanted to obstruct justice and was kept from it. That would be like arresting a person for wanting to rob a bank because he said he wanted to but his friends talked him out of doing it. Yet when people like Obama and Hillary actually do go against the law, the Democrats praise them. That's why I have to laugh when Democrats say they believe in equal justice for all. I predict that the Democrats will be screaming when the Republicans in the Senate force the ones who wanted to bring Trump down to tell the public they were the ones who wanted Trump and his people to be spied upon.

The best theme music to be played before each Democrat debate should be "Send In the Clowns." If Trump isn't fit to be president yet he has done so many better things than Obama did, why was Obama allowed to step inside the White House? His foreign policy was a failure. He wanted to prevent those who opposed him to become tax-exempt. The economy grew at turtle speed while Trump's has grown at rabbit speed. Sure, Trump does things I wouldn't do if I were president. But if the known criminal Hillary had cheated her way to becoming president, do you think she would have done better than Trump has?

I'm looking forward to the debates between Trump and his Democrat challenger. The Democrat will have to support policies and crazy ideas that would crash the economy. The Democrats and media already support the chaos that the Russians and Chinese want for America. Maybe they're the ones Mueller should have investigated.

Trump loves America while I at times question if the Democrats do. I always say Democrats can't take a joke. They only vote for them. The joke that Trump said on the campaign trail that he'd like the Russians to find the 30,000 emails Hillary claimed were missing, cost the nation over $35 million. I'm not laughing.

Rick Badman

Warsaw, via email