Editor, Times-Union:

Around 224 years ago, Edward Jenner was able to defeat the virus called smallpox. Smallpox has killed more people than all the wars Americans have fought in. Today, the coronavirus has killed an undetermined number of people since the Chinese are so secretive. It is long past time when we should have been able to defeat that virus and other viruses.  I have some possible ways to complete that mission to defeat all viruses.  

Medical researchers need to remove samples of the coronavirus, grow cultures of it, and discover the weaknesses in order to attack the virus successfully. It may require developing either a chemical bonding component that can prevent the virus from multiplying and living or a genetic component to bond to the virus to make it incapable of living.  

If bonding to the virus is ineffective, using either chemicals or enhanced antibodies that are made to target the virus could split the virus to kill it. We should have had enhanced antibodies over 30 years ago that could be programmed to attack pathogens. At least that is how long I've been talking and writing about them. AIDS might have been eliminated if enhanced antibodies had been developed early on.

In the future, micro machines will be programmed to patrol the body and destroy viral bodies before they can do damage in the body. They will also go after cancer in the body to keep the body well. Too bad they'll be developed too late to help Rush Limbaugh. But there are some other possible treatments to help his condition.

To defeat late-stage lung cancer, there are various treatments that might be tried. Coley's infections, something we call immunotherapy, has been around since the 1890s. By introducing an infection to cause the immune system to be ramped up, the immune system fights the infection and at the same time kills cancer cells that can't withstand higher than normal body temperatures. That might be tried since cancer in other parts of the body will also be attacked.  

Stem cells might be programmed to form new lungs and other organs that are inflicted with cancer. Biosynthetic cells and organs might also be used to replace diseased cells and organs. If layers of a person's cells can be grown and applied over the synthetic ones they might not be rejected by the body which means there would be no immunity problems.  

Biosynthetic organs and enhanced DNA will extend lifetimes to centuries and allow a person who is 200 or 300 years old look and feel like someone 10% of that age. Once we learn how to rejuvenate people back to their optimum age, they will be able to stay that biological age for the rest of their lives.  

Pray for Rush and pray that maybe the simple treatments I have described can be used to bring him back to health.  God still does miracles; even doctors.

Rick Badman

Warsaw, via email