Editor, Times-Union:
My husband’s funeral and burial was on Oct. 31. The next day, I and our daughter returned to the Leesburg cemetery to check things out. We determined that he was not in the correct grave. Then I called and spoke to the owner of the local funeral home that we had used. He told me that he would have it checked out.
A couple of days later, he called and told me everything was OK. The day we made my husband’s arrangements, I told the funeral home owner of a baby (our great-grandson) being buried there because I didn’t want to take a chance of someone digging into his casket. Our great-grandson was buried between where my husband was to be buried and where our daughter would be sometime in the future.
On Dec. 30, the trustee over the Leesburg cemetery called to tell me my husband’s body had to be moved. That week, I did some investigating and found that my husband was put into Mr. Smith’s grave. I also learned there is an advisory board over Plain Township and maybe that is who I should of contacted instead of the local funeral home. My husband’s body was moved on Jan. 20 and placed in his correct grave.
I would like to apologize to the entire Smith family for all you have had to endure during this time.
Thelma Clark