Here’s something I don’t understand about Democrats today.

They desperately want to occupy the White House in January 2021, yet they appear to be overtly and purposely ruining their chances.

Why can’t they see this?

I know President Donald Trump is a lunatic. I’ve said it many times. But this whole impeachment mess plays right into his hands.

Let’s be honest.

No matter what Democrats do, he’s not going to be removed from office over a phone call to the Ukrainian president. Even if that phone call was an impeachable offense – and lots of people aren’t sure it is – there’s no way a trial in the U.S. Senate gets to the two-thirds majority needed to run Trump out of office.

Everybody knows that, right? They have to all know that.

So why go through this whole thing?

Real Clear Politics tracks all the polling done with regard to President Trump’s job approval and creates an average. The Real Clear Politics average of Trump’s approval rating so far this year shows a low of 40.9% on Jan. 23 and a high of 45.1% on May 12. On Wednesday, he was at 44%.

For comparison, Barack Obama’s average job approval for all of 2012 was 48.6%.

Democrats know this, don’t they? Either they are comfortable alienating 44% of likely voters or they believe they can change people’s minds. If it’s the latter, I’ve got news: Nobody’s going to change their mind.

If anything, impeachment is bolstering Trump’s support. His poll numbers have actually ticked up a bit during the impeachment hearings.

And then there’s the field of Democrat candidates for president in 2020.

Why are they stumbling over each other trying to be the most radical?

It’s like they’re using tired old Republican talking points to craft their platforms.

Republicans used to say things like, “Democrats want to take your guns.” Everybody knew that wasn’t really true. No Democrat had ever proposed anything like that it and it likely would never happen anyway. It was just a talking point.

But now, Democrats are actually saying they want to confiscate certain guns.

And on it goes.

Open borders. Free health care for illegal immigrants. Medicare for all. Free college. Green New Deal (eliminate fossil fuel use in 12 years, mind you). Tax the rich. Reparations for slavery. Legalize weed.

Do they think this stuff plays well with the vast swath of American voters who live in the middle of the political spectrum?

It’s really quite bizarre.

During Wednesday evening’s debate, one of the moderators was MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. (Odd to see a word containing “moderate” and her name in the same sentence, but I digress.)

She was literally goading the candidates – dragging them further to the left –  with her questions.

“Senator Warren, you have said already that you’ve seen enough to convict the president and remove him from office. You and four of your colleagues on this stage tonight, who are also U.S. senators, may soon have to take that vote. Will you try to convince your Republican colleagues in the Senate to vote the same way? And if so, how?”


“Senator Klobuchar, you’ve said you support the impeachment inquiry but you want to wait for a Senate trial to hear the evidence and make a decision about convicting the president. After the bombshell testimony of Ambassador Sondland today, has that view changed for you?”


“Would you support a potential criminal investigation into President Trump after he leaves office even if you thought it might further inflame the country’s divisions?” she asked Biden.

I just don’t get it.

They are farther left than any field of candidates in the history of their party and they all seem panicked that they’re not far enough to the left.

The clearest evidence of this phenomenon is South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg. How telling is it that the most moderate of all the frontrunners is a gay mayor from a midsize midwestern city?

Mayor Pete is the most reasonable-sounding one of the bunch, which is precisely why he’s polling above the rest in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Here’s some advice for Democrat candidates. I know they won’t take it, but I’ll give it anyway.

Get off the impeachment stuff. Propose reasonable polices that actually have a chance of passing. Stop trying to prove you’re the most radical.