Politics has become a little weird. Weirder than usual, I mean.

Especially when it comes to the Democrats and their primary campaigns for president of the United States.

It’s as if nary a one of them can think for themselves.

One of them says they like the Green New Deal and all the rest fall in line. Medicare for all. Free college. Guaranteed income.

They’re all in.

Not one has the sense or intestinal fortitude to say, “Now, wait a minute. Let’s think about this.”

Even with the most radical of all the lefty ideas – the elimination of the electoral college – not one of the Dems seeking to become the leader of the greatest nation in the free world have deferred.

Nobody is tapping the brakes on this.

Which is odd, because they’re all out campaigning in places where there would be no need to campaign if the electoral college was eliminated.

I mean, why bother to campaign in places like Iowa or New Hampshire or North Carolina or South Carolina or Mississippi or, or, or ...

Without the electoral college all of those places are meaningless flyover states. Those states – literally – would never see a presidential candidate in person if it wasn’t for the electoral college.

But people in places like California, New York, Florida and Illinois sure would though, wouldn’t they?

And isn’t it odd that Democrats, long positioning themselves as the protectors of the downtrodden and the common man, would now be stumping for mob rule?

I mean, let’s be honest.

Does anybody think if issues like abortion and gay rights were decided by a popular vote, the results would have been pleasing to Democrats?

Let’s be even more honest.

If left to a popular vote, there likely would be places in America today where blacks and women still wouldn’t be voting.

That’s precisely why the founders of this great nation instituted the electoral college way back in 1789. They feared the likely effect of mob rule.

They wanted to be sure that all people – even those in the minority – had a voice in the decisions made by those who govern them.

They cherished individual liberty over the will of the majority.

Good for them.

And now we have a crop of presidential candidates who seem all too willing to trash those ideals.


Because they want to win. They want power.

They figure that if only they can get rid of the electoral college, they would be more likely to win. Just like Hillary Clinton would have won over Donald Trump if it weren’t for that pesky electoral college.

The electoral college is part of the Constitution, so it won’t be easy to get rid of it.

It would require a Constitutional amendment.

An amendment like that can only be proposed by the Congress with a two-thirds majority vote in both the House of Representatives and the Senate or by a constitutional convention called for by two-thirds of the state legislatures.

Thankfully, that’s not going to happen anytime soon.