Editor, Times-Union:

When I hear people like Nancy Pelosi say they think President Biden has done a wonderful job as president, I wouldn't say she is wearing rose-colored glasses. She's wearing brick glasses and has her ears stuffed full with wax so she can't hear anything. He is the worst president ever elected and too many people are not willing to face reality.  

One reality Democrats don't want to face is that Americans helped finance the invasion of Ukraine by buying oil from Russia because Biden didn't want us to remain energy independent. Biden's actions increased the price for oil which brought in billions of dollars so the Russian government could pay for more weapons. One of the big reasons why Putin didn't invade Ukraine while Trump was president besides his arming Ukraine so it could fight against Russia was the low price for oil and Trump's pledge to sell oil and gas to Europe so it wouldn't need to buy oil and gas from Russia even though the North Sea still has plenty of oil and gas in it.  

One of the latest conspiracy theories is that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump. Democrats call it the Big Lie. But it is a conspiracy theory because the truth is not allowed to be known. There is video and documented evidence that fraud was committed and the Democrats illegally changed election laws to produce fraud. But when witnesses try to present the truth, too many people shut them down. As long as they refuse to allow the truth to be known, those that call it the Big Lie will be the biggest reason the conspiracy theory exists.  

A car magazine dedicated most of its issue to electric vehicles being a part of our future. What people like Biden and John Kerry have never talked about is the need for more electrical output to allow us to have millions more electric vehicles without depriving our homes, schools and workplaces of the electricity they will need. I've described replacing conventional energy sources with solar and wind power would be like replacing the carriage horses of Central Park in New York with starving poodles. Forcing us to accept a future that is not fully thought out is like eating uncooked bacon and raw eggs for breakfast. You might be dead from food poisoning before dinner time.    

Global climate change and the pandemic have generated an abundance of lies that are considered the truth. When lies are considered the truth, facts are considered lies. The sun is most responsible for global climate change and it is rarely blamed for it. My devices called The Treatment made from copper and/or zinc might kill COVID on contact.  Millions have and will die when reality is considered a conspiracy theory and lies the truth.  

Rick Badman

Warsaw, via email