Editor, Times-Union:

The Germans called them Sturmabteilung (SA), we called them “Brownshirts.” They were the assault division of the Hitler government. It was a violent parliamentary group attached to the Nazi Party pre-World War II. They were Hitler’s enforcers, which ensured compliance with his demands, earning them the title of “Storm Troopers.” I look back at this past history because I believe we are watching it re-occur right before our eyes, only it is happening to us!

There are approximately 724 billionaires in America, but the Democrats just forced, through a bill which will add 87,000 more IRS agents to the government. Now that’s what I call a tax audit! It doubles the size of the IRS, making them larger than the Pentagon, Customs and Border Control, the State Department and FBI combined. Why are they increasing the budget of the IRS by six fold? Why has the IRS been purchasing thousands of weapons and have literally cornered the market on ammunition?

I know you’re saying that the IRS just collects taxes, but they’ve been weaponized. Barrack Obama used the IRS to prevent conservative organizations from obtaining 503(c) tax status, which shields them from having to pay taxes. This silenced the voices of conservatives and dampened support for the Republican party in the 2012 election. To this day, they have been manipulating the regulations, adding more and more road blocks to the America First movement, not to mention targeting of political opponents and an almost perpetual audit of Donald Trump. They are, without question, the most powerful agency in government and now they will be twice the size.

I bring up this comparison of the Brownshirts and our IRS because the next step seems all too obvious ... gun confiscation. If you don’t pay a, soon to come, weapons owner tax on your guns, then instead of an audit of your financial records, well, here comes the Sturmabteilung and, as history shows us, those guys don’t mess around.

Gerald Roach