Editor, Times-Union:

I watch the battle, the clash between two countries, the destruction of life. We watch a major world power try to inflict its punishment on a smaller foe. We watch many governments contemplate our next course of action, all speaking from a position of fear, none of which really wants to jump into the frey. They toss around their favorite phrase of Article 5 of the NATO accord, scary chest pounding backed by the knowledge that all the players possess nuclear weapons. I don’t think any major power is considering the use of nuclear weapons, no do I think Vladimir Putin in prepared to challenge NATO.

We presently allow Putin to dictate the parameters of the conflict. Who said Ukraine can’t bomb Russian military targets? They are at war with a cruel and merciless advisory who has relentlessly punished the Ukrainian cities and its people. Why can’t the Ukrainian military respond against the military targets in Russia?

The administration seems to want to extend the war. They see the Russian military collapsing and everyone wants the Ukrainians to take the Russians to task and stop this unwarranted aggression, yet we don’t provide them with the necessary weapons. We give them “defensive” weapons, Javelin and Stinger missiles. The Ukrainians sunk a Russian cargo ship in the Crimean Gulf but they could have sunk two more ships had they possessed Harpoon missiles.

My point is that we ask this proud country to courageously defend their homeland, but refuse to provide them the weapons to take the battle to Vladimir Putin. I question the tactics and assessment of the Russian army. I am not a general but I’ve served in the U.S. Army for 21 years and I can see the Russian military lacks “command and control,” tactical communications and most importantly a purpose for their destruction of humanity. Their soldiers grudgingly comply with the murderous orders to reign hell upon the innocents.

We possess missile systems which could target Russian military targets, rail systems and airports. We can provide the Ukrainians the ability to actually save their country, but alas, the mid-term elections are coming up and Democrats need a distraction. We have the ability to save theis brave country called Ukraine yet this administration would rather keep the conflict and humanitarian nightmare as a tool to conceal their domestic failures.

I praise the Ukrainians and their love of country. I wish we had this love of country here in America. I remembered when this country transformed an entire manufacturing industry in order to provide our soldiers what they needed to combat the aggression of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. The free world was not given much of a chance to prevail against the Nazis and the Japanese Empire yet we’ve worked too hard for our way of life and we’re not going to surrender it.

David took a stone from his bag and with a sling struck down the giant Philistine ... I pray we find that stone again.

Gerald Roach