Editor, Times-Union:

As the world rallies to the aid of Ukraine and their valiant struggle against Russia, the American citizens wake each morning wondering who cares about us? Our government spends billions of tax dollars to thwart an invasion of Ukraine while millions of foreigners continue to invade our southern border with impunity. We have an abundance of serious problems in our country, almost all of them are self-inflicted by our government.

Look at our devastating inflation rate. Our inflation was not caused by Vladimir Putin, COVID-19, climate change or Jack the Ripper. The definition of inflation is the expansion of the money supply. The Federal Reserve has been printing money in order to buoy our economy since 2008, which in turn weakens the value of the dollar. The monetary tool is called Quantitative Easing. It began as a necessary action to help us out of the housing crash in 2008, but it continued on only because Obama’s administration imposed so many regulatory measures across all sectors of our economy, which chocked our economic growth. The Biden “Infrastructure Bill,” a bloated and unneeded $1.9 trillion monstrosity of which only 9% went toward actual repair of bridges, road, airports and rail systems was the straw that broke the camel’s back, triggering this inflation.

The Democrats are now blaming the Ukraine war on gas prices ... please. The gas prices are also driven by inflation but mainly are a function of supply and demand and the world price is set by an organization called OPEC. Biden shut down pipelines, slapped regulatory handcuffs on our energy sector and has placed many restrictions on drilling, all in an effort to kneel to the climate cult. This suicidal action took approximately 1 million barrels of oil a day off the global markets, jacking the price of crude to over $100 a barrel. Now we buy oil from places like Venezuela, Iran and just recently Russia! I’m not going to get into this imbecilic, Green Deal logic the administration has employed here. It’s a discussion for another time.

Crime continues to plague our cities but the war in Ukraine has given the mainstream news an excuse not to talk about the relatively recent phenomenon of rampant crime, but we all notice that his explosion of disrespect for the law goes back to the Democrat-supported riots, bail reform and defund the police efforts of the past two years.

Our country is certainly at a breaking point. The issues I’ve pointed out are just a handful of the ignored problems the Biden administration and Democrat party have hoisted upon us and when this cradle of freedom, liberty and prosperity fails, we won’t be able to pick it back up again.

Ernest Hemingway once said, “The world is a fine place and is worth fighting for” ... I believe in the second part.

Gerald Roach