Editor, Times-Union:

I would like to ask Ms. Shutz, what is a true American or patriot?

I have listed several men and women’s names that are Americans, but are they patriotic? Patriots are the real heroes of America.

Was Benedict Arnold a patriot? How about General Robert E. Lee? Or Audie Murphy, Bonnie and Clyde? Was Baseball Hall of Famer Ted Williams? Was he a patriot? What about John Wayne, Sandrea Day O’Conner, Ben Carson, O.J. Simpson, Steven Spielberg, or Bernie Madoff.

I don’t know if Ms. Shutz knows that Facebook CEO “Zuckerbucks” gave over a half-billion dollars to the Democratic Party in 2020. Also, the FTX CEO Cheated thousands of investors of billions of dollars but donated 40 million dollars in midterms for the Democrat Party.

What makes a patriot is the money and fame or giving one self to others.

Paul Fribley