Editor, Times-Union:

If you are involved in the community, you have met Jim Smith. He’s out patrolling the streets as a deputy sheriff, serving ice cream at the Fair for the Leesburg Lions, helping nonprofits as recent past president and member of the Warsaw Breakfast Optimist Club, watching over your tax dollars on the Tippecanoe Township Advisory Board, serving kids through Kosciusko 4-H, and, of course, running for sheriff of Kosciusko County. He does it all with a contagious smile and can-do spirit.

Jim served our community and our country long before he began his campaign for sheriff. He does it because he loves the community and feels a need to give back in whatever way he can. He’s a true patriot and a good citizen.

Jim is the Republican nominee for sheriff, and the other side has offered nothing but negativity. They see his extensive service and say it’s not important. They see his proposals to make the jail safer and say they won’t work. They see his promise to take a reasonable salary contract and say that a county sheriff making more than the governor is no big deal. They have no positive ideas themselves, just negative attacks against Jim.

Jim Smith is running for the community, not against any person. With his service record and community spirit, I do not doubt he will make an excellent sheriff for Kosciusko County. Vote Republican on November 8. Vote for Jim Smith for sheriff.

Jon Tyler

Leesburg, via email