Editor, Times-Union:

From the beginning of this election season, Jim Smith has been running for sheriff with the slogan of "More Service, Less Politics." Even though he has now received the Republican nomination and is running under the Republican banner, he still embodies those words.

"More Service, Less Politics" means dedicating your time to causes greater than yourself. From the beginning of his adult life, Jim Smith has done just that, standing with his service in Operation lraqi Freedom and continuing today through his work in service clubs like the Warsaw Breakfast Optimists and the Leesburg Lions. Jim Smith has a head for service, and he always gives of himself to benefit others.

"More Service, Less Politics" means holding firm to what you believe is best for the whole community and not letting political opinions and self-interest pull you in every direction. Jim Smith has focused much of his campaign on addressing two serious issues: The out-of-control rate of the sheriff's compensation, and the unacceptable damage and drug dealing in the county jail. Despite intense resistance, and despite what would be in his best financial interest if elected, he remains steadfast in his intent to implement change.

"More Service, Less Politics" means helping those in need. Jim Smith recognizes the scourge of drug addiction in our community and the good work that Sheriff Dukes has done with the Jail Chemical Addiction Program. He will continue to build on that program and assist those who are serious about their recovery from drug addiction.

Finally, "More Service, Less Politics" means getting to know your neighbor. Jim Smith has walked many miles going door-to-door during this campaign, has attended countless community events, fish fries, church potlucks, tenderloin dinners, and just about anything else you can think of. He's putting in the work to reach out to everyone he can,

Jim Smith is a conservative Republican, and the Republican voters have already given him their nomination. But whether you're Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or something else, a vote for Jim Smith is a no-brainer. He's the best man for the job.

Lex Dalton