Editor, Times-Union:

The race for State House District 22 pits the people versus the establishment. The people have Curt Nisly, who has constantly been fighting for us, and we have the Indy Establishment candidate, who has constantly been at the beckon call of the leadership.

On the issue of life, Curt Nisly has stood tall. He has voted for every pro-life bill that has been discussed in the General Assembly. Curt Nisly went one step further and authored the Protection at Conception Act to completely ban abortion in the state of Indiana. Where was the Indy Establishment candidate? He is not supporting banning abortion and voted to allow hospitals to let babies born die if they were not viable. The Indy Establishment had to have a John Kerry moment by saying they were against something before they were for it.

 On the Second Amendment, Curt Nisly has hit the bullseye. He has been relentless at offering Constitutional Carry legislation because free people should not need permission to exercise their right to bear arms. Curt went one step further and co-authored the first repeal of the red flag gun laws that are more of a threat to law abiding people than the criminals the Indy Establishment claims they are for. And the Indy Establishment candidate was opposed to making Constitutional Carry better, only to come around when it was politically convenient.

When it comes to protecting liberty, Curt Nisly is the undisputed leader. Curt Nisly was the first to call out Governor Holcomb when he thought he could decide who was essential. Last year, Curt Nisly fought the General Assembly against the governor and to try to rein in his power. The Indy Establishment candidate sided with the Governor. When there were public protests around the state against Holcomb’s tyranny, you could find Curt Nisly, while the Indy candidate stayed at home and did what he was told.

The Indy candidate is already showing himself to be with the Indy Establishment. He’s taken over 200K from the House Republican Campaign Committee which seems to have a vested interest in making sure the district 22 seat is theirs. The Indy candidate has been endorsed by Establishment politicians in Washington who voted for gun control and for more government and has the support of past politicians who want to maintain the status quo. Curt Nisly is endorsed by citizens who want to make this state a hotbed for liberty and to take back the government from the PACs and donors who do not listen to the people and have ties to questionable public figures.  

Curt Nisly is a citizen legislator who puts adherence to the Constitution and the individual freedom of all Hoosiers above all else. There are only two of these statesmen in the General Assembly who want to work for ALL Hoosiers, and not just the ones holding a large campaign check. On May 3rd, vote for Curt Nisly in the Republican Primary so we can have a statesman in Indianapolis.

Gary Eppenbaugh

Warsaw, via emai