Editor, Times-Union:

Politics today are divisive and basically evil, but we must take our freedom very seriously and be involved in our government. Therefore, we need to be cautious in how we vote.

I listen to the candidates and attempt to decide who is being open and honest. I try to find their associates who may know them personally and I try to talk with them myself.

If I tell you a fact but tell it in a manner that misleads you intentionally, then I’m deceiving you and that means I’ve lied to you. A liar can not be trusted.

Mr. Snow sent out flyers and did radio ads saying that he is the incumbent from District 22. When he was called out on it, he said it was insignificant. This is misleading at best. Why not clarify the mistake? That tells me something about the man.

I believe abortion is murder and it should be stopped. Mr. Nisly tried to get a bill passed that would do that but was shut down by the Indy establishment who seems to be afraid to do that for fear that the courts would overturn it. The “Indy Hub,” if you will, doesn’t seem to like Mr. Nisly because he won’t play politics the way they want. Mr. Snow will, so they are doing all they can to support him.

I want a representative that stands for what I want, not what the “Hub” wants.

We need to change “politics” on all levels. My vote may not do much on the national scene, but it can do more on the state level and it can definitely do something about our local elections. Because of that, I will vote for Curt Nisly, a politician who is trying to change things, not for Craig Snow who is working with the “status quo.”

I will also vote for Don Wiesehan who listens to me and others like you. I will vote for Jim Smith. I think he can fix the jail problems, as well as take a reasonable (taxpayer-funded) salary.

I’m just doing what I can to make things better.

Tim Mikel