Editor, Times-Union:

I am a psychologist with expertise in sexual violence and predators, and I am asking you to vote for Travis McConnell for prosecutor of Kosciusko County.  

I met Travis McConnell when he hired me as an expert witness for a civil suit against a facility and one of its female staff for sexual misconduct. When I first glanced at the case, I admit that I had my doubts. Why? Because I am used to seeing a civil suit follow a criminal case. But no criminal charges had been filed. Surely, the victim’s case must be flawed, right?


This civil suit turned out to be the most egregious case of staff sexual misconduct I have ever seen. And that’s because this female employee was free to offend without consequences.

In communities where there is a lack of accountability, sexual predators thrive and multiply. They brag about their conquests, corrupt those around them, and attract other predators. Over the course of this civil suit, 13 female employees were identified as most certainly or likely engaged in staff sexual misconduct. Thirteen.

Prosecutors abandon these cases because getting a conviction is too difficult. Well, that’s because sexual predators make it difficult. They disguise their intent, confuse their victims, and hone their tactics so that they can offend, again and again, without being caught. They are serious criminals.

Prosecutors must be willing to take on these cases.  Victims are the canaries in the coal mine, and every victim’s account can reveal the behavioral pattern of a sexual predator. A competent investigation alone makes it tough on predators - they can’t offend so easily while under a cloud of public suspicion.

Because Travis McConnell listened to one victim, he uncovered a serial sexual predator and a facility mired in staff sexual misconduct. Thanks to Travis McConnell, the facility was put on notice and this female staff was fired. At least that’s something.

The prosecutor’s office has yet to file charges.

Vote for Travis McConnell.

Kristine Chapleau, Ph.D., HSPP

Carmel, via email