Editor, Times-Union:

I am asking you to vote for Jim Smith because he will be a constitutional sheriff. In addition to accepting only a reasonable salary, taking back control of the jail, growing JCAP, and bringing back accountability to work release, Jim Smith will be a constitutional sheriff.

With so much federal overreach, we need sheriffs who will stand up for citizens’ rights. We remember when Elkhart Sheriff Brad Rogers stood up to the federal government when they were harassing Amish farmers for selling raw milk.

Another example is in the fall of 2020 when the governor made a new “crime” all on his own, without the legislature.  Many Indiana sheriffs, including Kyle Dukes, openly said they would not enforce this new “crime.” A week later, the governor took away the criminal part of his new “law.”

Our previous three sheriffs including Kyle Dukes assured citizens that if the federal government came for the citizens’ guns, that they, the sheriffs would not participate in confiscating guns and would stand up for the citizens rights.  

Please join me in voting for the next Constitutional sheriff of Kosciusko County, Jim Smith.

Craig Nayrocker

Warsaw, via email