Editor, Times-Union:

I was asked by deputies Burdell Blackburn and Tom Kitch to serve on the Sheriff’s Merit Board and did so for many years, therefore seeing several sheriffs’ management styles. Each was different, some were better than others by my measure, but all had Kosciusko County at heart.

I have been in a room with women inmates, encouraging them to work harder at becoming a good community person by joining JCAP. Most did and, to my amazement, two who graduated and were released from jail, and had jobs, came to the funeral home for my husband’s calling to thank me for convincing them to work harder and try JCAP, saying they never had anyone care before.

My experience going into that jail was not one of comfort, as doors behind me closed and locked, but I am glad for having done it.

There are nearly 30 individuals, businesses or organizations that teach classes or provide services for this program. No taxpayer expense, except for the salary of the administrator. All of it working along with Work Release and Community Corrections for re-entry. There is also a family support group and mentoring program, started by Sheriff Dukes.

I believe Sheriff Dukes and Jim Smith are both honorable and outstanding men. I also strongly believe in a second four-year term for elected officials who have had a noteworthy first four. I can assure you that I have seen with my own eyes Sheriff Dukes meet that goal. I will vote for him in this election and encourage you to join me.

Jean Northenor