Editor, Times-Union:

I am supporting the Republican candidate Brad Voelz for election as the Kosciusko County prosecutor because his practice of law over the last thirty years has provided him the experience to best do the job. I have witnessed Brad Voelz’s work as a defense attorney, appellate attorney, judge and Chief Deputy Prosecutor. He excelled in each position giving him the unique qualifications and proven ability to serve as the Kosciusko County prosecutor.

Brad Voelz has served as the defense attorney, prosecuting attorney or judge on over 150 jury trials covering every area of criminal law including misdemeanors, domestic violence, child abuse, violent crimes, arson, sexual assault, murder and capital cases. For the last eight years while serving as chief deputy prosecutor of Kosciusko County, he has worked with nearly every law enforcement officer in the county and many from the surrounding counties and the State Police. He has also had the experience of working with and supervising the many employees and deputy prosecutors currently working in the Kosciusko County Prosecutor’s Office.

Brad Voelz has proven his experience has not only provided him the trial skills he displayed in serving a lead prosecution at a murder trial but also the compassion and understanding he displays in helping drug addicts seek recovery while serving as the prosecutor in the Kosciusko Drug Treatment Court.

I believe retired Judge Duane Huffer was correct in his earlier Letter To The Editor when he stated, “A county prosecutor is the most powerful individual in a county. A prosecutor must ensure that his or her acts are within the confines of actual law, or citizens will lose their freedoms and reputations.” I am confident that Brad Voelz will make an excellent prosecutor and I urge everyone to give him your support at the ballot box on or before November 8.

Scott E. Reust

Warsaw, via email