Editor, Times-Union:

Our community is failing to support victims of sex crimes. The prosecutor's office is failing to support these victims. They deserve better and we can do better. Travis McConnell will do better.

Many of us have heard the stories. There are far too many of them. There is often no justice for victims of sex crimes because of the failures of our prosecutor's office. Because of these failures, victim's voices are not heard. The stories that need telling are swept under the rug and the truth is just another casualty. The stories that need to be told are about how the victims are intimidated and shamed into silence. About how they are bullied out of town. About how we have a culture of fear about speaking up for victims. That is the community we live in.

McConnell’s opponent says he is proud of the work the prosecutor's office does to support victims. He says they're doing an excellent job in supporting them. He believes we are doing just fine, that these kinds of crimes are not a problem in our community. His plan as Prosecutor is to continue doing what has always been done. That we should celebrate and maintain the status quo. That we should have one set of rules for the powerful and another for the rest of us.

I can only imagine what these victims feel when they hear that. The victims brave enough to tell their stories despite the intimidation and shame. The victims who tell us about how poorly they were treated by the very people meant to help them. Victims confused and overwhelmed by a process that doesn't support them. About how the system failed them. How we have failed them.

Travis McConnell talks to these victims. He knows what they have experienced. He knows we must do better. He wants to listen to these victims and properly interview them without any shame or intimidation. He wants victims to be heard and he wants to ensure their rights are protected throughout the entire process. He wants victims to be informed and included in the process so there is no confusion from poor communication. He wants victims to be treated seriously. He wants victims to be treated with dignity and respect.

This should have never been a matter of politics. Protecting victims of sex crimes should never be something that is in question.

We can do better. We must do better. Vote Travis McConnell for prosecutor.

Kay Fletcher

Warsaw, via email