Editor, Times-Union:

I have a suggestion or a favor to the Times-Union. I would like to see a column for our military veterans and their families.

I don’t know how many veterans are in Kosciusko County, but if one veteran had a concern, maybe another veteran had the same question. The veteran service officer may print the answer in the Times-Union for everyone.

If I didn’t read the Journal Gazette, I would never known the secretary of veterans affairs wants to close the Fort Wayne  VA hospital. In 2021, over 40,000 veterans used the VA hospital in Fort Wayne. I don’t know how many Kosciusko veterans used the VA hospital in Fort Wayne.

I hope that the Times-Union and our veteran service officer Mr. McDowell writes and prints a column for our vets.

Paul Fribley


Editor’s Note: If Kosciusko County Veteran Service Officer Darryl McDowell would be interested in writing a monthly veteran column, the Times-Union would be happy to publish it.