Editor, Times-Union:

We (the people of the real world) would like to express our most sincere gratitude for your helping us appear so much smarter than we really are.

1. Deniers have filled over 60 lawsuits that were laughed out of court for lack of evidence.

2. The pillow guy held a symposium that was supposed to prove mass fraud that proved nothing.

3. The Deniers Cyber Ninjas spent months investigating voting in Arizona and found no mass fraud.

4. Trump and others on January 6th sent an armed yet misguided mob to our nation’s capital to stop the counting of electoral votes (a treasons’ act as far as I am concerned).

5. Trump followers tried to send fake electors to Washington, D.C., to change the outcome of the election.

6. Trump and Lindsey Graham with others even tried to get individual states to change votes for Trump.

7. Al Capone possibly had not committed as many crimes as Trump and his fools in Congress, along with his misinformed followers (you) that is why most are under investigation even now.

A reminder for you

A quote tagged to Alexander Hamilton: “If you don’t stand for something (The U.S.A), you’ll fall for anything (Trump’s big lie).”    

It is quite obvious that you have fallen for the biggest lie our country has ever seen, when you should be looking for the truth, as the January 6th Committee is. In following this lie you are showing  the world: “The Biden Administration – Independent voters – Democratic voters – and even Republican voters” are so SMART they pulled off a hoax that fooled over 1 hundred million people and left not one bit of evidence behind to prove it.

My colleges and I (the true American Patriots) thank you for the vote of confidence.

Larry W. Baker

Warsaw, via email