Editor, Times-Union:

People argue about Trump and Biden being fascists.  Let's use the definitions Jeanne Schultz listed to see if either men are fascists.  

Both men used family members to their advantage.  Trump's family members helped his administration while Biden's family members helped Joe and themselves financially. People wonder if the Chinese payoffs have affected how Joe deals with the Communist Chinese government.  If they have no use for him will they reveal all the corruption associated with the Biden family including Joe?  

Joe Biden has used the FBI and DOJ to go after his enemies that are often Christians, concerned parents, and those that support Trump. Biden has the media go after his enemies and detractors. Trump never sent FBI agents to the homes of his enemies to arrest them. Biden attacks MAGA Republicans and call them evil despite the fact they want to make America great again while Biden seems to want to make it worst.  

The economy was coming back when the COVID threat was lessening. Then when Biden became President he sent trillions of dollars out to people maybe to make them support him. People didn't need to work thanks to the money Joe had given to them.  

Trump called the mainstream media an enemy of the people. Maybe because it lied so much about him. Biden has the media doing his bidding like dictators do. Yes, Trump has a loyal following. But millions are committed to supporting Biden too because they fear Trump who has done so much for common people will be re-elected in 2024.  Maybe Biden had banks bailed out so the rich people he helped will fund his campaign for 2024.  

A new sexual revolution of LGBTQ individuals and perverse beliefs that men who want to be considered women are women and children can be mutilated for sexual reidentification is supported by Biden. States that have respect for females and for life are considered monsters. If Jesus were on earth today, many supporters of Biden would call for his crucifixion. The religion of government control of our lives and the belief that there is no need for God is helping destroy American society. When people who try to prevent abortions are considered evil and those that support the extermination of unborn lives are praised, I know God can't support America anymore.  

Trump warned America about Biden. But they voted for him anyways. Trump wasn't perfect and has had questionable traits. But he loves America more than Biden. Is America better now than it was when Trump was President? Unless the rapture happens between now and the election in 2024, I could vote for Trump. Knowing Biden's fascist traits, could you vote for Joe?  

Rick Badman

Warsaw, via email