Editor, Times-Union:

The war in Ukraine could have been prevented. Many mistakes were made and are still being made today. Much of the blame is Biden's to bear. By reducing oil and gas production which Putin wanted us to do, Biden helped Putin fund his invasion by increasing oil prices and even had us buy Russian oil and gas when we had plenty of it.  Putin wants us to shut down more American oil and gas production to increase prices more and Biden, like a puppy dog following his master, does just that.  Why must Americans be punished with higher gas prices when we could be energy independent today like we were when Trump was president? Now Biden wants us to buy oil from Iran with the help of the Russians.  Iran hates America and funding Iran's nuclear program would be insane.  We don't need Russian or Iranian oil and only someone obsessed with a green energy future would sacrifice energy security today.  

Putin feared Ukraine would become a part of NATO.  They foolishly gave up their nuclear weapons and gave them back to Russia because President Clinton, a proven liar, promised them protection in the future. Trump sent weapons to Ukraine to protect them from Russia and when it looked like Russia was going to invade late last year, Biden refused to give the nation the weapons it needed.  Maybe Biden feared the Russians had more damaging information against him and his son Hunter than the Ukrainians did.  

Another bone-headed thing Biden did was send information about Russia to China so Xi could send the information to Putin. That reminds me of when Vice President Wallace who was vice president with FDR sent oval office information to his cousin in Switzerland who sent the information to Stalin. FDR replaced him in 1944 with Harry Truman for being a security threat.  Replacing Biden would mean Harris would become president.  She would be a huge mistake.  

Ukrainians want a no-fly zone over their nation. If we flew the planes, Putin would justify going to war with NATO and America. Poland has the planes they need for Ukrainian pilots to fly. We have aircraft graveyards with enough flyable planes to overwhelm the Russian air force.  If we sent some B-52s to Western Ukraine with bombs, missiles and fuel for Ukrainian pilots to use, maybe that 40-mile line of tanks and vehicles outside Kyiv could be carpet-bombed.  

There are a lot of mercenaries that would love to take on the Russians. Call them wannabe Rambos.  As long as the United States government can disavow any support for their actions, maybe the Ukrainian government could tell them "Bring your own weapons and ammo and fuel if you have a plane or tank.  You've got plenty of Russians to kill."  

Rick Badman