Editor, Times-Union:

There is something good about getting old. I remember everything the progressive Democrats have said through the times. Their lies, their deceit, their contempt for human life, their lack of compassion for their fellow man.

I have watched the transformation. Did you see Biden confess to the nation he now supports the police when not long ago he said they “should direct their money somewhere else.” If anyone was watching, they would have heard him say, “They need to be held accountable.” He is talking about the cops. I watched the “State of the Union” just to hear what my president has planned for me and my country.

The transformation of the progressive party is evident. They have paraded their intentions around for much too long. The deliberate confessions of these arbitrators of evil are strikingly obvious. They live and deceive us. The Democrats once told us that COVID-19 would consume us. They mandated that we must wear masks and get vaccinations, forcing the same people they called “heroes” 18 months ago to be involuntarily vaccinated or lose their job, but not so much now. The cat is out of the bag. People have found out the truth and the Democrats know it.

I’ve never joined the Democrat band wagon. I know who they are. They represent the darkest side of our society. I watch as they now try to reverse everything they have tried to make us believe. The construct of a nonprofit group called BLM. A self-proclaimed Fascist organization whose leader purchased several properties with donated money and then disappeared. The progressives helped incite over 500 riots across our nation, causing over $3 billion in damages, laying waste to hundreds of small businesses and stripping the livelihoods of thousands of families. Our vice president set up bail funds to get the arrested vandals out of jail. I guess she didn’t notice the victims of the perpetrators.

They promote vanquishing hundreds of our memorials and statues of historical value and shamelessly erect monuments to George Floyd, a known felon and drug user who resisted arrest while he was trying to pass counterfeit money and ended up losing his life at the hands of overzealous and unacceptable police work.

Keep your eyes wide open as the Democrats pull their slight-of-hand in order to convince the American people that the southern border is secure, that they never wanted to “defund the police” and they make no mention of the releasing of thousands of prisoners from our jails, bail reform which puts felons back on the street hours after their arrest only to commit new crimes. Watch carefully as they dance and pivot around like ballerinas attempting to convince the citizens they should not believe what they’ve seen and heard ... the pain and suffering endured.

Gerald Roach