Editor, Times-Union:

As our president stumbles his way through his inept leadership of this country, he said something very interesting and very familiar during his recent address to the country. As he struggles to overcome his disaster in removing us from Afghanistan, his false and failed promise to “crush” COVID-19, the juvenile approach to our economy and his intentional ignorance of our open southern border, it pails to his dangerous inability to grasp and understand foreign affairs.

It was Secretary of Defense William Gates, under President Obama, who proclaimed “Joe Biden has been wrong on every foreign affairs issue he has spoken about.” He is an uninterested participant at the highest level of government and is concerned only with the corrupt operations of his family. The Biden family have been involved in a pay-to-play business, unequaled in the halls of our capital. Selling the governmental influence of Sen. Biden, Vice President Biden and yes, President Biden. His son Hunter has all but raised his hand as the bag man in this nefarious betrayal of the country. Gleaning tens of millions of dollars from several foreign countries including Russia, Ukraine and China.

It is now that this proliferation of lies and fraud against his country, again reaches into his bag of misdirection, to once again, demand that the government “cure cancer!” You see, this is what struck my memory. Joe Biden has been in the “cure cancer” game a long time. He and President Obama tried to sell this idea to the American public back in early 2016. They promised to put $1 billion toward the finding of the cure for cancer. When this billion dollar sham failed and Joe Biden was out of office, he again tried to capture the nation’s gullibility with “the Biden Cancer Initiative.” You see the Democrats love nonprofit charities like the Clinton Foundation. The Biden charity dissolved when the DOJ started looking at it and found not one $ went toward research.

How many times do you trust someone with the keys to the car after they’ve wrecked it time and again. How often do you believe their story of cures and snake oil ... how many times, how often will you be the sucker?

Gerald Roach