Editor, Times-Union:

The unvarnished, real truth is being uncovered by the minute. All of you folks who were tricked into believing that the 2020 election was rigged were right … kind of. Lo and behold, guess who actually tried to rig it? There are documents - forged and legitimate; there are voice recordings; there are criminal and civil investigations being initiated throughout the country by lawmakers of every persuasion. Don’t take my word for it. Check it out. This is not fake news, and it cannot be interpreted so in any way, shape or form. Just research “forged documents from at least seven swing states” sent to the U.S. Archives and U.S. Senate with the blatant purpose of turning over the free and fair election of 2020 - after the fact.

And instigated by whom you ask? Good old Rudy and the Trump campaign folks. With whose blessing you ask? Guess. How many of you now realize you have been manipulated, lied to, secretly laughed at, and duped into believing the constant barrage of misstatements, misrepresentations and outright lies of a petulant loser? Do you now understand that just because someone wants something to be true does not make it true? Facts matter. Remember the old adage, “Losers never win and winners never lose?” Which are you?

I personally cannot forget my own dad’s words as they related to competitions from athletics to academics and beyond: “You can’t win ‘em all. If you lose, be a gracious loser. Shake the other guy’s hand and say ‘good game.’” (Too bad no one taught Mr. Trump this lesson.)

Other than complain and repeat unfounded and unproved conspiracy theories, and whine that you didn’t get your way, what have you done lately for your country? For your fellow man? Did you refuse to do your part to curtail a pandemic? Did you blame everyone but yourself for your own misfortunes or shortcomings? Did you expect everyone else to cater to your needs, your wants, your “entitlements” with little or no consideration for the needs of others? Did you contribute to the push to return to a past history of hate and bigotry and self superiority? Did you allow selfish, power-hungry bullies to drag you down into the dark rabbit holes of paranoia?

Listen up. It’s not too late. You are needed by your neighbors, by your country, even by the pre-Trump Republican party. The silent members need your support and your willingness to encourage them to shout out the truth. They know the truth but fear they had lost you to the dark side. What are you afraid of? The instigators and followers of the Big Lie are going down. Are you willing to go down with them? What a waste that would be! Will you continue to be part of the forces that are tearing our country apart because of our differences, or will you work towards a more peaceful future and help to bring it back together - stronger than ever -in spite of our glorious and remarkable differences?

Be winners. You can do it!

Jeanne Schutz

Winona Lake, via email