Editor, Times-Union:

Sounds as though we might have a jilted woman out there. Heart broken after being turned down by a truck driver.

I admit, the current Truckers Protest is too little to late.

The liberal Socialists have already figured the Poll numbers are low enough. Now they have to follow the science, as they love to say. The political science that is.

The mandates the truckers are protesting are about to be lifted, after all it’s an election year. Have you noticed their lord god Fauci has disappeared?

Instead of trying to belittle them, you should be thanking them.

These men and women work a 14-hour day (legally), 24 hours if it’s A team. Thanks to the clown in charge, they pay way over $4 a gallon for fuel, 200 or 300 gallons a pop.

Some are gone three to four weeks at a time.They drive in all kinds of weather and terrible traffic.

While you were hiding in your house under your solar panels (made in China with slave labor) wearing the face diapers or two or three because Fauci said so, these guys were hard at work supplying everything you own.

The materials for your house. The clothes on your back. Those pictures on the wall. The one of Obama flanked by Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro. The veggie burgers and humus in the fridge. Your rainbow flag and PETA sticker on the bumper of your Prius. All were on a truck at one time.

If you think Biden's shelves are empty, you better hope the truckers never decide to shut down.

Next time you see that load going down the road, give them room and thanks. Without them, you get awfully hungry and go nowhere.

Kevin Raypholtz