Editor, Times-Union:

Several years ago, a TV show named “House” was airing. The main character was a Doctor Gregory House and he said that everybody lies. There are white lies, fish stories, fairy tales or polite lies (like a husband tells his wife she doesn’t look fat in that dress).

Most people know about the “Big Lie,” but there are other lies that should be mentioned. When Senator Harry Reid lied about Mitt Romney - trying to ruin his reputation. Another lie that caused a young man to go to jail was Benghazi, Libya falsehood. Everybody remembers President Obama said, “You can keep your doctor.”

Finally, the lie that will destroy America. Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party tried to frame President Trump with working with Russia. When Trump was elected, the Democrats tried to impeach Trump without evidence.

If everybody lies, who do we believe?

Paul Fribley