Editor, Times-Union:

On Wednesday, March 7, 2023, I was walking to the nearest branch of the bank I use, but suddenly, just a few yards away from it, my feet and legs gave out.

I was on my knees, and started calling out to God for help! I kept saying, “God, please get me back on these two feet ... please!”

All of a sudden, a young woman comes over from across the road and tried to help me up. Then a gentleman rushes over, also to help me back on these feet.

Her name was “Janice;” his name was “Ott.”

They were both so kind, taking time out of their busy mornings to help this old dog.

“Ott” was kind enough to give me a ride to the bank, and even back home.

The only thing I get upset about is the fact that I would rather be the one “offering to help others,” not the one in need of help. Truly!

It seems that, since my last weeks in Lancaster, up to this very day, my physical body is slowly beginning to fall apart.

The idea of nursing home care doesn’t appeal to me all that much!

In November 2022, I?had to be hospitalized after falling, and being stuck on the floor on the living room of my home for about 2 days, unable to reach the door to call for help. By the third day, it had to be pure desperation which caused me to get off the floor, open the chain and deadbolt on the door, pull the door open and call out to my neighbors for help!

I spent a few hours at KCH, then was transferred to Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne.

After about a week or so, I was then taken from the hospital to a nursing home a couple of blocks away.

About the food ... the hospital ... okay. The nursing home ... not so good!

If I could come into a small fortune, I’d love to have an apartment built inside of a Burger King!

Seriously, foods served to patients in nursing facilities are so disgusting as the garbage served in some of nation’s schools.

Of course, I’ve been out of school since 1977, so perhaps it has gotten better?

The staff at both facilities were excellent ... Actually, KCH, Lutheran and the nursing home all have great staff of caring people. The nursing home staff even had a couple of pregnant ladies ... so adorable!

I’m almost afraid to ask ... What’s next?

Everyone, please take care of yourselves!

William Gerald Smith