Editor, Times-Union:

On Dec. 15, 2020, our lives changed forever when Matthew Lucas was stabbed to death. His mother and stepfather were also violently attacked. They survived and our family was introduced to the local criminal justice system. We provided statements, evidence and information to the local law enforcement officers. The killer was apprehended quickly by the diligent Jaw enforcement officers and subsequently charged with several crimes.

Prior to the jury trial when meeting with Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Brad Voelz, we requested an explanation of what each criminal charge was. Mr. Voelz explained the charges in language that was easy to understand. It was clear to us that Mr. Voelz had a clear understanding of both criminal law and how those Jaws applied to the situation. We were notified of each hearing by the Victim's Advocate who repeatedly asked about our feelings. We were told what to expect during the criminal trial. Mr. Voelz kept us informed at each stage of the trial. When making decisions Mr. Voelz asked for our input and considered our feelings.

During the trial, he behaved professionally and respectfully. He followed the rules of evidence and it was clear that Mr. Voelz is experienced in the courtroom, understands the law, respects our Constitution, has compassion for victims, and prioritizes the safety of our community. We observed Mr. Voelz leading his staff, who clearly respect him and trust in his knowledge of the law. We were very pleased when Mr. Voelz and his team secured a conviction on all the criminal charges.

As a result of the convictions, we can rest knowing that the killer will be imprisoned for the rest of her life.

After our interaction with Mr. Voelz, we all agreed he would be an excellent prosecutor. We hope the citizens of Kosciusko County are able to see his qualifications and will vote for Mr. Voelz in the upcoming election.

Bill Burr

Cassie and Jason Goble

Michael and Stacey Lucas

Jennifer Feller

Jerika Sizemore

Kim and Linda Grindle

Warsaw, via email