Editor, Times-Union:

I am writing again in support of Sheriff Kyle Dukes.

One of the things that I continually see deputy Smith talking about is that Sheriff Dukes perpetuates the “Good ‘ole Boys Club” by bringing in outsiders. Think about the lunacy of that statement concerning our current sheriff and his staff. One of the unique things about Sheriff Dukes is that before being sheriff of Kosciusko County, he worked for the Indiana State Police for almost 20 years. He was around and worked with law enforcement professionals from all over northern Indiana. That gave him a unique advantage of knowing who the best people in the area were for the jobs that needed to be done. I believe that is the exact OPPOSITE of what is implied when one speaks of “the Good Ole’ Boys Club.”

Deputy Smith doesn’t like the fact that the chief deputy is in the position that he is in (deputy Bucher has been a Kosciusko County deputy for (I’m guessing) 15 years AND he doesn’t like the fact that Sheriff Dukes brought in a new chief jailer, and two obviously very qualified people to run the Work Release and JCAP. Apparently, in deputy Smith’s definition, anyone that Sheriff Dukes has hired is not qualified because both have and have not been part of the K-County Sheriff’s Office in the past. If that seems confusing, it’s because it is. I would be curious to know who deputy Smith, if he wins, plans to fill those positions with, what their qualifications are, and even ask what their criminal records are.

It seems to me that Sheriff Dukes has shown us that he will hire the best person for the job. Period. That’s the kind of sheriff I want working for me.

PLEASE vote.

Tim Stiffler

Syracuse, via email