Editor, Times-Union:

I write to ask you to consider supporting Clay in May. It may seem odd that a former democratic candidate shares his thoughts on the Republican primary. Those of you that know me,  know I don't mind being a bit unconventional.  This year we have seen multiple candidates with Rs after their names call for support from across the aisle. I firmly believe we have more in common than we don't. I hope this bipartisanship trend continues after the election.

One instance where I had such support was from Scott Clay. Scott is running for county council district 3. I had the privilege of his support across the aisle when I ran for commissioner. For you more conservative readers out there,  you will feel better to know he supported me but he was an ardent Trump supporter as well.

I first met Scott Clay years ago and have always been encouraged by his enthusiasm to give back to the community. I encourage you to consider Clay in May. But don't do it just because of a letter, ScottMClay.com is where you can learn more and decide for yourself.

Scott will provide a voice to a generation that as of yet is unrepresented in our county government.  

Travis J. McConnell

Warsaw, via email