Editor, Times-Union:

I read in the Times-Union where those who we elect to the highest offices in this state just have to be some of the dumbest, stupidest people on this earth. These people are supposedly lawyers and are supposed to know the law, so it is about time someone tells them about the use and the only use that the social security number is to be used for!

First and foremost, the real purpose is for social security use only; it is a taxing number applied to a person who has a security card and number issued to them and only them. It does not belong to the state of Indiana, it does not belong to any corporation, it does not belong to any Tom, Dick and Harry owned business, it does not belong to the Chamber Of Commerce. It belongs to the person that the Social Security Administration issued it to. Anyone that says differently are liars and needs to read the law.

The tax that is withheld and the company and or business contributions are both sent to the Social Security Office where the tax-contributed money is deposited in the social security card owner’s numbered account. The number cannot be sold or given to be made use of by any one (except by the owner to his or her employer for social security tax withholding purposes), not even by the owner, or by any company or business, or even by the State of  Indiana and or any counties. To do so is a federal offense.

The State of Indiana cannot pass any laws that would force any Social Security card owner to use the Social Security Number or any part of it (last four numbers for instance) for a person's I.D. number. The Social Security number is a total controlled entity of The Social Security Administration; the state has no control as to how this number is to be used. (Except over the control to see that it is never on the front or back of any state-issued I.D. card such as a driver’s license)

The Social Security Number cannot appear on any I.D. card either on the front or on the back side. It is not to be used as a person I.D. such as state driver’s license or as an employee I.D. for any corporation or business!

The corporate or business computer database that the corporation or business holds or have the employees and or their customers social security numbers in have to be maintained in a safe and secure location and has to have a very limited access by very few and very trusted employees. It is a federal offense for anyone to sell, to give away or make use of these numbers except for what the sole purpose of it.

Marvin Gunter

Warsaw, via email