Editor, Times-Union:

Republican sheriff candidate Jim Smith recently unveiled a plan to partner with Animal Welfare League of Kosciusko County (AWL) to add more community service to JCAP. I first met Jim Smith in the spring when he approached me at AWL about the possibility of this partnership. I found Jim to be sincere, compassionate and thoughtful!

Despite rumors that he was going to discontinue JCAP, I knew from his campaign that those rumors were not true. From the very beginning of his campaign, Jim Smith has had positive things to say about JCAP. In all his public statements, he has promised to continue the program and make it better. In the very first article announcing the Jim Smith campaign, it states, "As sheriff, Smith will advance the Jail Chemical Addiction Program, adding more accountability and higher expectations  for the inmates in the program."

Before going public with his idea of a partnership, he wanted to make sure our AWL board would welcome the idea. Our board is excited about the possibilities. I have seen the positive impact and healing that can occur when people work with animals. Jim sees the value that a partnership can add to the JCAP participants us as well as to AWL. In a recent speech, which he posted on his Facebook page, Jim Smith said, "The bottom line is this; if inmates are serious about their recovery from drug addiction, then we'll continue to surround them and support them on their journey." I am looking forward to AWL being a part of supporting their journey!

Accountability. High expectations. Structure. Discipline. Service. Continuing to surround and support those who are serious about their recovery. It sounds like Jim is going to advance the program, and I am excited about the possibilities.

I hope you will join me in voting for Republican Jim Smith for sheriff on November 8. Thank you.

Tanya Blanchard

Animal Welfare League of Kosciusko County

Executive Director

Pierceton, via email